Regional Staff

Chaplain Dr. William Jackson, Sr.
Associate Chaplain Michael Chism
Associate Chaplain William Gipson
Assistant Chaplain Michael Adams
Historian Dwayne Rax
Parliamentarian George McNeal
Assistant Parliamentarian Ezekiel Cannon
Legal Counsel Maurice Houston
Legal Counsel Micheal Massie
Assistant Legal Counsel Aaron Conyer
Associate Legal Counsel Riley Jones
Director of Education Leonard Jones
Assistant Director of Education Henoss Taddesse
Director of Membership Steven King, Jr.
Director of Education – IMDP Master Trainer Anthony Smith
Director of Education – IMDP Master Trainer Valdimir Handy
Director of Alpha University Rashid Darden
Director of Reclamation Demus Copeland
Director of Retention Michael Wilson
Assistant Director of Retention Darrius Summers
Director of Reclamation (Assistant Vice Presidents)
Director of Communications Steven Clunis
Associate Director of Communications Derek Adams
Associate Director of Communications – IT William B. Strother
Associate Director of Communications – Web Alan Prescod
Associate Director of Communications – Social Media Maurice Hawkins
Assistant Director of Communication – Social Media Neil Hall
Associate Director of Communications – Editor of the Sphinx/Newsletter Horner Williams
Associate Director of Communications – Hearing Impaired NO APPLICATIONS
Listserve Manager Shomari Moorehead
Director of Conventions Parker Burton, III
Associate Director of Conventions John Norfleet
Assistant Director of Conventions Terrence Mclean
Associate Director of Conventions- VIP and Logistics Corey Bowens
Associate Director of Conventions – Special Events Larry Henderson
Associate Director of Conventions – Registration Ibrahim Traore
Chief Sgt. at Arms Eugene Aiken
Associate Sgt. at Arms Patrick Gary-Jean
Associate Sgt. at Arms Milton Valentine
Associate Sgt. at Arms Louie Allen
Associate Sgt. at Arms Samad Patton
Assistant Sgt. at Arms John Fitzgerald Martin
Director of Ritual Ryle Bell
Assistant Director of Ritual Garrett Clinton
Director of Protocol Larry Townsend
Director of College Brother Affairs Victor Rogers
Associate Director of College Brother Affairs Donte M. Dixon
Assistant Director of College Brother Affairs Jamon K. Phenix
Elections and Nominations Floyd Jones
Special Assistant to the VP Kirk Carrington
Special Assistant to the VP Erik Tejada
Special Assistant to the First Lady Chris Medley
Senior Advisor to the VP James “J.I.” Irvin
Senior Advisor to the VP Reuben Barkley
Senior Advisor to the VP David Raphael