Happy New Year!

“I would urge that… brothers individually, would continue to be inspired to worthy actions through the ideas and visions of the Fraternity and its leadership and strive for even greater achievements in the future than we have in the past.” – Dr. Charles Harris Wesley, 1949


January 1, 2018

Greetings Brothers of the Eastern Region,

First, Happy New Year Brother! It is our prayer that 2018 brings more blessings in your personal, professional and fraternal life than any year has so far. We, as the Assistant Vice President and Vice President of the Eastern Region, continue to be humbled by you allowing us to serve in leadership. Even when “tired moments find us a delightful treat,” there is always a glimpse of brotherhood that allows us to refocus on the service that we have promised to provide our brothers.

As we reflect on what we have experienced as a community in 2017, we must be ever mindful that the mission and objectives of Alpha Phi Alpha are still very relevant. The “URGENCY OF NOW” must continue to be our clarion call. The Jewels never intended for us to be just merely advocates, but activists to move communities forward and to be the allies of the downtrodden. To this end, the Eastern Region of Alpha Phi Alpha continues to be First of All; Leading the Way by advocating for and electing people from the State Houses of Virginia to the Office of Governor in New Jersey.

2018 promises to be one of the most intense political climates for our nation. If it has never been crucial for us to engage in voter education, registration, advocacy and election day mobilization… the time is now! In the coming weeks, you will receive information about our 2018 Voteless People is a Hopeless People strategy and partnerships with community-based organizations as we push forward our agenda in this year’s elections.

As usual we look forward to when Brothers will once again “enter, shake hands, exchange greetings and depart friends” in our beloved House of Alpha!

Fraternal Regards,

Bro. Lucien Metellus
Eastern Region Vice President

Bro. Harold Daniels, III
Eastern Region Assitant Vice President